In 1996, Bridget Jones wrote by hand in her diary, and George R.R. Martin typed A Game of Thrones using WordStar 4. The rest of us got ahead by learning, for the first time, to grab a mouse. Yet at the movies, more often than not, the stars were reaching for something more deadly. Wasn’t it ironic? Here are the VFA-shortlisted films from 1996:

Jerry Maguire

Shortlist for Vintage Film of 1996

Integrity never looked so good. In Cameron Crowe’s original and genre-defying film, Jerry Maguire is a man who won’t sell his soul to have it all; he wants to earn it the hard way. Filled with great performances and cameos, it’ll make you laugh, cry, cheer for touchdowns, and search for the kwan in your life.

Director: Cameron Crowe

Starring: Tom Cruise, Renée Zellweger, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jay Mohr, Jonathan Lipnicki

Major nominations on original release : Academy Award® for Best Picture, Actor (Cruise), Supporting Actor (Gooding), Original Screenplay