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Saving Private Ryan

Winner : Vintage Film Award

Director: Steven Spielberg

Screenwriter: Robert Rodat

The human price of victory over the Nazis - millions of soldiers and their families, from Australia, Africa, Russia, Europe and North America - is conveyed through the story of a handful of American soldiers landing at Omaha Beach. Twenty years later, Saving Private Ryan should be required viewing for anyone of voting age.

Starring: Edward Burns , Matt Damon , Tom Hanks , Tom Sizemore

The Big Lebowski

Winner : Zeitgeist Film Award

Director: Joel Coen

Screenwriter: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

Is it the very best film by the Coen brothers? Is it even the magnum opus of Tara Reid's acting career? Probably neither, but this mistaken-identity caper is a cult favourite and definitely a must-see film from 1998.

Starring: Jeff Bridges , John Goodman , Julianne Moore , Steve Buscemi


Director: Wes Anderson

Screenwriter: Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson

If you say the other 1998 VFA nominees are better than Rushmore, its protagonist might glibly reply: O.R. they? A neurotic coming-of-age tale with a bizarre love triangle, this breakthrough film for Wes Anderson and Jason Schwartzman is in a class by itself.

Starring: Bill Murray , Jason Schwartzman , Mason Gamble , Olivia Williams , Seymour Cassel

Run Lola Run

Director: Tom Tykwer

Screenwriter: Tom Tykwer

And run she does; Franka Potente logs more steps than Daniel Day-Lewis did in Last of the Mohicans and makes Speed feel like Driving Miss Daisy. And when you come up for air after 80 minutes of full-immersion adrenalin, you can speak a bit of German and discuss the merits of free will versus determinism, chaos theory, and "third time's a charm".

Starring: Franka Potente , Herbert Knaup , Moritz Bleibtreu , Nina Petri

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Director: Terry Gilliam

Screenwriter: Terry Gilliam, Tony Grisoni, Alex Cox, Tod Davies

Fennel and Liquorice in Las Vegas might have been a better title, if only to let would-be audience members know that they would either love or hate this film. As many drugs as the characters ingest during 128 minutes, enough viewers felt it was "a great trip" to qualify it for the VFA shortlist.

Starring: Benicio del Toro , Johnny Depp

Ever After

Director: Andy Tennant

Screenwriter: Susannah Grant, Andy Tennant, Rick Parks

This fresh twist on the Cinderella story cuts the magic out, replacing the fairy godmother and midnight pumpkin with historical figures including the Brothers Grimm and Leonardo da Vinci. Best of all are Angelica Huston and Drew Barrymore, so much more human than their animated predecessors.

Starring: Anjelica Huston , Dougray Scott , Drew Barrymore , Jeanne Moreau

The Truman Show

Director: Peter Weir

Screenwriter: Andrew Niccol

What if your life was not really yours but instead a staged reality show in which all of your friends were paid actors? While this might be the dream of many Instagrammers today, it was downright scary in 1998 - to the point that many psychiatric patients believed it was happening to them (in a bad, Black Mirror kind of way). A disturbing, yet un-creepy masterpiece.

Starring: Ed Harris , Holland Taylor , Jim Carrey , Laura Linney , Natascha McElhone , Noah Emmerich

The Celebration (Festen)

Director: Thomas Vinterberg

Screenwriter: Thomas Vinterberg, Mogens Rukov

Denmark is home the happiest people in the world, according to many surveys, with a large and prosperous middle class. The upper class of Danes, if The Celebration is anything to go by, could use a little therapy. The first (and best) film ever made under the Dogme95 "vow of chastity" rules, The Celebration is anything but chaste.

Starring: Birthe Neumann , Henning Moritzen , Paprika Steen , Thomas Bo Larsen , Trine Dyrholm , Ulrich Thomsen


Director: Shekhar Kapur

Screenwriter: Michael Hirst

This is one of two 1998 films featuring Joseph Fiennes having a secret affair with a svelte 16th-century Englishwoman of higher class. The other one didn't make the VFA shortlist (but did, in its day, win Best Picture at the Oscars®). Filled equally with great performances, amazing costumes, luscious sets, and whopping historical inaccuracies, Elizabeth still reigns 20 years after its release.

Starring: Cate Blanchett , Christopher Eccleston , Geoffrey Rush , Joseph Fiennes

American History X

Director: Tony Kaye

Screenwriter: David McKenna

There are those films you should see because they're entertaining, those you should see because they are important, and those like American History X you should definitely see because they're both. On Empire's list of "22 Incredibly Shocking Oscars Injustices", the #1 item is Ed Norton's loss in the Best Actor category for this role.

Starring: Avery Brooks , Beverly D'Angelo , Edward Furlong , Edward Norton , Elliott Gould , Fairuza Balk , Stacy Keach



Tom Hanks

as in Saving Private Ryan




Drew Barrymore

as in Ever After





"I Don't Want to Miss A Thing" from Armageddon

Nominated Songs

The Wallflowers - Heroes from Godzilla

Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright from The Faculty

Mel B - I Want You Back from Why Do Fools Fall in Love

Goo Goo Dolls - Iris from City of Angels

Garth Brooks - To Make You Feel My Love from Hope Floats

Dru Hill: "How Deep is Your Love" from Rush Hour

Memorable Moments


I’m honored to have it. The longevity of Back to the Future still amazes and delights me.
Writer Bob Gale – winner, Vintage Film of 1985 : Back to the Future

Thanks for this delightful tribute to my work. We often work in the dark, never knowing if our creations are going to resonate with other and so, These two ‘thank you gifts’ are most welcome.
Writer and Star Richard O’ Brien, winner Zeitgeist Film of 1975 and Vintage Sound Track Song of 1975 for The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Vintage Award means so much especially considering that the film was up against some of my favorite films from the 80s.
Screenwriter Carl Kurlander – winner, Zeitgeist Film of 1985 for St Elmo’s Fire

We are very appreciative of the support given to our movie and for the statue which we just recently recieved. Back to the Future had some excellent competition so the honor is very special.
Director Robert Zemeckis – winner, Vintage Film of 1985: Back to the Future

“Just received [VFA statuette]! Love her and am thrilled, thank you so much.”
Patricia Quinn (Magenta)

“So exciting, thank you!”
Nell Campbell (Columbia)

Co-winners, Vintage Soundtrack Song of 1975 for “The Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

“Thank you so very much for the wonderful honor and trophy!”
Fred Lebow, screenwriter

“I received my statuette today and it’s beautiful… thanks again.”
Daniel Sullivan, screenwriter

Winners, Zeitgeist Film of 1995 for While You Were Sleeping

“Received this award last week & to this day ROSE ROYCE is still being acknowledged for our Car Wash sound track. Thank you!”

@RoseRoyceHits via Twitter

“I am very proud to receive your award. It is a privilege to have been is such a beloved film and your acknowledgement is is so gratifying. Keep punching.”
Sylvester Stallone, winner, Vintage Film of 1976 and Vintage Performance by an Actor in 1976 for Rocky