In 1997, the most expensive film ever launched was about the biggest ship ever launched – only one of which turned out to be a disaster. Onboard the ship, Jack Dawson (DiCaprio) and Rose Bukater (Winslet) fight for their right to romance, and then for their lives. We all know how it ends, and that there won’t be a sequel – so we tip our top hats to James Cameron for Titanic, which is worthy of the big screen and this VFA nomination.

Director: James Cameron

Screenplay by: James Cameron

Starring: Bill Paxton, Billy Zane, Kate Winslet, Kathy Bates, Leonardo DiCaprio

Major nominations on original release : Academy Award for Best Picture (won), Director (won), Actress (Winslet), Supporting Actress (Stuart); BAFTA award for Best Film, Director; César for Best Foreign Film

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