Star Wars

Star Wars cannot be summarized in a hundred words, not even in German (nor in Bocce, for that matter). Arguably the best $11 million ever spent to produce a film, Star Wars featured an unknown cast who acted out – with varying degrees of skill – a simply fantastic story against a backdrop of jaw-dropping special effects (which were, importantly, merely a backdrop rather than the main attraction). Some of the sequels were a bit like, well, kissing your sister – but the original was so good, we’ll forever happy to try the latest installment in the franchise for a long, long time.

Director: George Lucas

Screenplay by: George Lucas

Starring: Alec Guinness,Carrie Fisher,Harrison Ford,Mark Hamill,Peter Cushing

Major nominations on original release : Academy Award for Best Picture, Director, Original Screenplay, Supporting Actor (Guinness - won); BAFTA award for Best Film.

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