VINTAGE FILM Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, and you’ll cry again…and that’s just from watching a 90-second clip from Life is Beautiful on YouTube; after watching it from beginning to end you may feel half Italian. Winning awards in the U.S., Britain, France, Italy, Israel, and Canada, Roberto Benigni charmed the world with this story of love and survival in German-occupied Tuscany during World War II. A timeless story worthy of consideration.

Director: Roberto Benigni

Screenplay by: Roberto Benigni, Vincenzo Cerami

Starring: Nicoletta Braschi, Roberto Benigni

Major nominations on original release : Academy Award for Best Picture, Director, Original Screenplay, Foreign Language Film (won), Actor (Benigni - won); BAFTA award for Best Non-English Film, Original Screenplay, Actor; Cannes Grand Prix (won); César for Best Foreign Film (won)

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