Annie Hall

Remember when aspiring artists could live comfortably on the Upper West Side, living an endless collegiate fantasy of cocktail parties filled with new, interesting people – and still afford fresh lobsters? Nor do those of us who moved to Manhattan after school (and ended up doing catering for these people), but that’s the charming fantasy of so many Woody Allen films, of which Annie Hall is the apotheosis: Life can be all about the pursuit of love and the well-placed bon mot. In this classic, Mr. Allen seduced Diane Keaton as well as the Oscar committee. Is it still the must-see film of 1977?

Director: Woody Allen

Screenplay by: Woody Allen, Marshall Brickman

Starring: Carol Kane, Diane Keaton, Paul Simon, Tony Roberts, Woody Allen

Major nominations on original release : Academy Award for Best Picture (won), Director (won), Original Screenplay (won), Actor, Actress (Keaton - won); BAFTA award for Best Film (won), Best Direction (won), Screenplay (won), Actor, Actress (Keaton - won).

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